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“Mobile Justice Tour” Virginia
“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Is the MJT?  2013, RIHD founded the Mobile Justice Tour (MJT), now in its 6TH year, over 60 statewide events.  MJT are on-going tour that brings criminal justice reform advocates to various locations around the
state where workshops are held to inform, train and encourage participants to work to reduce
the level of societal disenfranchisement of the incarcerated, formerly incarcerated
and persons with a record in Virginia.


Public - Free - Bring a Friend - Be a Voice

11:30am to 1:30pm

Gethsemane Community Fellowship
1317 E Brambleton Ave
Norfolk, VA 23504
9am - Refreshment (free)

Want the Mobile Justice Tour to visit your city or town, your community?  Invite us. 
  Events held at local colleges, libraries, community/social centers, faithbased facilities.  Nonprofit events.  For additional information and/or request click on link:  


“Improving the effectiveness and fairness of Virginia’s criminal justice system” –RIHD
In 2009 Virginia prisoners and families called upon RIHD to help correct sentencing errors/injustice past and current that remain uncorrected.   
After introducing RIHD legislative position papers, in 2015 an executive order by Virginia Governor for a “Parole Review Commission” that concluded with adopting our call for correcting sentencing errors/injustice remedy recommendation.
RIHD is focus on correcting two key sentencing issues of the past that remain uncorrected and affect thousands of people currently in Virginia state prisons.  Though there are many legislative uncertainties, RIHD remains undaunted. 

What is “Ban-the-Box?”
Removing the criminal record question off initial employment application.  A movement that began many years ago by All of Us or None and Ordinary Peoples Society “to give formerly incarcerated people a better chance at getting a job, so they can provide for themselves and their families, and fully reenter society.

Movement in Virginia? A continuous movement, led by RIHD’s MJT and its coalition partners Good Seed Good Ground (Newport News), Bridging the Gap in Virginia (Richmond) were the first instrumental in successful passing Ban-the-Box in their municipality.  Since organizing and awareness tours various partnering grass-root have joined and successful help passed Ban-the-Box legislation in Virginia.  To date 22 Virginia municipalities; Virginia Governor signed state level Executive Order 41; private corporations include Targets, Bed/Bath & Beyond, Walmart and Koch Industries have join the MOVEMENT!  
 November 2, 2016 President Obama announced  measures to help promote rehabilitation and reintegration for persons with a record.
RIHD congratulate them all, however, our work is not complete, requiring additional work that reduce barriers and correct injustices.



An ongoing basis since 2006 and through the Mobile Justice Tour events, RIHD provides restoration of rights application and filing assistance to attendees. 
As advocates, (a non-partisan initiative) we supported the Governors executive orders that removed important barriers and fees, and restored over 200,000 Virginians civil and voting rights.   Still RIHD work to restore all 450,000 civil and voting rights remain incomplete. 
 Throughout RIHD MJT events, we shall continue to explain, answer questions, provide updates, process forms as well as discuss recommendations for further streamlining for automatically restoring ones right policies legislatively through  Constitutional Amendment process.

Mobile Justice Tour (MJT) goal is for a legislative Constitutional Amendment to eradicated the lifetime disenfranchisement for all disenfranchised Virginians with a record.