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1. “Sponsor a Prisoner Rehabilitation through Education” S.I.P.E. Fundraising for Free Dictionaries,
GED prep Books, College Text Book Assistance. In-Kind and/or Monetary Donations $25 tax deductible to you.
College Program for the Incarcerated
Haning Hall 222 – Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
(800) 444-2910   Call: (800) 444-2910]
Email Online Brochure:
2. “Investing In Your Future” Self Help Guide
Re-entry Planning – Business – Investment: 
(i.e. employment application, resume, business applications, etc.)
3. Transportation Service to Faraway Virginia Prisons
(Keen Mountain, Pocahontas, Red Onion, Wallens Ridge)
4. “Va Prisoner Artistic Works” Annual Fundraiser
(Proceeds go directly to Prisoner Family for Child, Spousal Support from the Artist)

5. Criminal Justice Reform & Mobile Justice Tour 
     a. Increased funding for year-round after-care youth programs.
     b. Sentencing Reforms: To correct and/or amend sentencing injustices that remain uncorrected. Correcting the injustice of five years of unfair jury trials system.
     c . Use of Discretionary Sentencing Guidelines.
     d. To eliminate disparities and achieve consistency and fairness within the Virginia criminal justice.  Download RIHD Legislative Initiative:  RIHD Position: Sentence/Parole
    e. “Ban the Box” Removing the question about an individual’s criminal history from the initial employment application continues: Since the first Mobile Justice Tour, 14 Virginia municipalities have passed fair-chance hiring regulations for persons with a record. We congratulate them all, however, there are many more Virginia municipalities/local government areas to visit. The MJT team will continue to advocate throughout Virginia for local level governments and business to “Ban-the-box” and reduce barriers that prevent our community members from finding work. 
    f. Restoration of Rights: With over 300,000 disenfranchised Virginians with a felony conviction, there are two ways to get their rights back, depending on whether one’s conviction is classified as “nonviolent” or “violent.” MJT partner Bridging the Gap in Virginia will continue his “campaign to restore “100,000” individual’s rights prior to the end of the current Governor’s administration (a non-partisan initiative). Bridging the Gap will explain, answer questions, provide updates, process forms as well as discuss recommendations for further streamlining these policies (e.g. Constitutional Amendment) 
For additional information regarding any/all Prisoner, Self-Help Initiatives send a self-addressed 2-stamped envelope to RIHD Self-Help – PO Box 55 – Highland Springs – VA 23075

National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly
Incarcerated Wome
n and Girls ("National Council")

Mrs. Andrea James, Founder
eMAIL:   [email protected]

RIHD Directory to Assist, Uplift and Empower the Disadvantaged and Disenfranchised

1.  Virginia State Employee Directory by Name and Agency:
2.  Virginia Department of Correction Agency Directory:
3.  Virginia Department of Corrections Visitation Forms:
4.  Tips for Providing Health Care to Inmates in Any Setting:\
5.  Virginia Parole Board & Decisions:

Legislative Contacts
1.  Va General Assembly:
2.  Who’s my State Legislator:
3.  How to track Va Legislation:
4.  How Bills Become Law:
5.  Tips for Testifying:
6.  Governor: