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RIHD  Mobile Justice Tour

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Since April, 2013 the M.J.T. has conducted over
47 educational workshops on understanding
the various aspects of how mass incarceration
impacts poor and communities of color.

Throughout  the M.J.T. continues to serve as a
major vehicle for the discussions and
 educating communities on policies

surrounding/affecting and in need realistic reforms:

*Sentencing disparities (truth in sentncing)
*Parole board oversight (pre-1995)
*Restoration of rights
*Ban the box in employment discrimination,
*Self-help methods for the most-impacted
by mass incarceration.

See You All Beginning June, 2016

"Thoughts of a prisoner:  Someday the gates will open, and once more I’ll be free. Have I a future awaitingme?  Will  I be accepted by others, or forced to walk alone?  –Luis Verduzco 

RIHD Youth Initiative is an honored recipient of the 2011 City
of Richmond Mayors “Lights on After-school” and Richmond City Council ” Proclamations, working to empower youth
at-risk through academic and well-being initiatives.
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